After the girl’s words, She didn’t bat an eye and dismissed her. However, soon after, something happened that completely robbed the woman of her peace.

She had everything one could dream of. Her son successfully graduated from university, landed a managerial position, and quickly climbed the career ladder, becoming affluent.
One of his first acts was buying a large apartment for his mom and renovating it.  received money from her son every month, ensuring she had nothing to worry about. However, her son showed no inclination to get married.
Though he had many relationships, none were serious, and the idea of starting a family never crossed his mind. Yet, time was passing, and  longed to spend time with her grandchildren. One evening, someone knocked on her door – a young woman with a noticeable baby bump, claiming to be pregnant by  son.

, skeptical of the stranger, dismissed her, closing the door. The woman managed to slip a note with her village’s address under the door.  discarded  note and went to sleep. Months later,  started dreaming of a little child, awakening with mixed feelings in the middle of the night. Eventually, she decided to visit the pregnant woman who had approached her earlier, suspecting she might be her granddaughter’s mother.  found the woman, , living in poverty, struggling to feed her daughter.  shared her story, and everything matched  son’s description.  brought  and her granddaughter to the city,

making  work at the House of Culture. When  son learned about this, he was upset. However, as he spent more time with  and their daughter, he realized his feelings for them were growing. Eventually, he proposed to Nastya, and now they live together as one big happy family.

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