“After the loss of her first child, Hellen gave birth for the second time. The child was healthy, but something incredible happened, and Helen left the maternity ward with two children.”

Since Angela was pregnant, she and Andrew were supposed to get married. They didn’t love each other, but when Angela’s father found out about the pregnancy, a wedding became inevitable. They were both only nineteen years old when they became parents. After giving birth, Angela declared that she wasn’t ready to be a mother, packed some things, and left home. No one saw her again.


Initially, Andrew didn’t understand where Angela had gone, but her disappearance became the talk of the town. Andrew immediately decided to approach her parents, thinking she might have gone to them. However, her parents had no idea where their daughter was.

All witnesses had last seen her at the bus station, where she had boarded a bus and left. Despite extensive searches, there was no trace of Angela. Andrew decided not to abandon his son and, together with his grandparents, decided to raise his child. Within a few months, Andrew met a young woman.

When she learned that Andrew had a son, she was surprised. Andrew wondered if this woman could raise someone else’s child. She replied that a child from the man she loved could never be a stranger. Andrew wanted to somehow divorce Angela, so he gathered the necessary documents to declare her legally missing.

Andrew married this woman, and she became a wonderful mother to Mykita. She was a great wife, always supporting her husband when things got tough. They initially faced financial difficulties, but eventually, they overcame them. They bought a big house, and she gave birth to a daughter. Andrew had worried that she might love her biological daughter more than Mykita, but she loved both children equally.



One day, Andrew encountered Angela at the firm where he worked. She was the chief legal counsel there. Angela didn’t even ask about her son. After the meeting, Andrew was very happy with his wonderful family.

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