Albino sisters with a difference of 13 years : How the family lives and what their parents look like

The albino sisters Assel and Camila, in addition to the usual curiosity, arouse admiration in people. And it’s worth looking at the page of the older sister, so the followers reward them with beautiful epithets: “Porcelain dolls!”, “Wow! Two fairies”, “Gentle angels!”, “Snow Whites”, “Elves incarnate”, “A real wonder of the world!”.

15-year-old Asel and 2-year-old Kamila, thanks to their unusual appearance, attract the attention of other people “not like them.” After all, their family is the only one in Kazakhstan where two albinos were born. They became the stars of the network, and today almost seventy thousand people have already signed up on the older sister’s Instagram.

Fashion publications became interested in girls, they receive offers for filming in magazines. And it is worth noting that they are already succeeding in the modeling business, performing on the catwalks, and in the future, Assel plans to develop as a model and has already completed the courses.

The girls’ parents did not immediately manage to get used to the unusual appearance of their daughters, they could not believe their eyes, they were surprised no less than doctors. At first, it was difficult for them to ignore the “pointing with their fingers”, gossip behind their backs, but the Kalaganov family managed.

Also, the sisters at first were very complex because of their snow-white skin, blond hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. They managed to step over this only after they realized that their zest lies in this uniqueness. Support Asel and her many subscribers, who every day tell her about her unusual beauty.

The girls have a brother – 9-year-old Aldiyar. But he is not like his sisters. He is not an albino, but a copy of his father – a Kazakh, the boy was born with swarthy skin, dark hair color.

In an interview, the Kalaganovs’ parents admitted that their son refused to believe that Asel and Kamila were his sisters: “I had to explain for a long time and in detail what albinism is. We also found out that I (the mother of Aiman girls) had albino relatives. And now he’s proud of them, telling everyone how unique and beautiful they are.”

Since there is a downside to albinism, the girls’ parents make sure that they avoid direct sunlight, wear dark glasses so as not to burn their skin, and not ruin their eyesight, which is already poor.

Fans often ask Asel to show photos of the family in full force. And recently, she shared pictures of a close-knit family and signed to the followers that “Our family consists of five people. Dad, mom, me, Aldiyar and Camila. Assel graduated from the 9th grade, her younger sister goes to kindergarten, and her brother goes to school.

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