All my life, I loved my father more than anyone else in the world. It was only before my wedding that my mother managed to reveal to me the horrifying truth about him.

If all the little girls always gravitated towards their mothers, I was different. I loved my father very much; he was the most important person to me. On the other hand, my relationship with my mother was far from smooth. She never praised me, often scolded and shouted at me. In my childhood, she could put me in the corner for hours, and in my adult life, she could even slap me across the face.
Whenever my father noticed this, he would always shout at her and stand up for me. Afterward, my mother would behave restrained around him, but as soon as he went to work, she would start again. I looked at my friends who adored their mothers, and I couldn’t understand them.

When I finished school, I received some devastating news – my father passed away. His heart couldn’t take it, and he didn’t live to see my graduation. After school, I entered the university, where I met my boyfriend, who eventually proposed to me. However, when my mother found out that Kirill and I were dating, she started calling me names and claimed that I had become a disgraceful woman.

Kirill introduced me to his parents, and I was very anxious, but they accepted me as their own daughter. I had never felt so much love within a family before. They immediately embraced me as one of their own. There was one last step left – introducing my mother to Kirill. Kirill was aware of my difficult relationship with my mother, so he was prepared for a lot. But what my mother told me was beyond anything I could have expected.

I said it was such a pity that my father didn’t live to this moment. My mother replied, “Well, what’s the difference? He wasn’t your real father anyway. Your biological father is alive somewhere, probably drinking under a park bench. As soon as he found out I was pregnant, he left. You were just a year old when your stepfather appeared.
All this time, I’ve lived with the belief that he was my real father. But even after hearing this news, I still love him. I have no intention of looking for my biological father. My mother didn’t even attend my wedding, claiming she was too busy. And I’m honestly glad she didn’t; she could have ruined the celebration.”

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