American boy sends pinay girl christmas box, unaware it will change his life forever

Do you believe in miracles or in fate? Some people consider themselves realistic and claim that we ourselves are the creators of our lives. But sometimes things happen that can hardly be called anything other than miracles or the dictates of fate.

American Tyrel Wolfe in 2000 sent a charity Christmas gift to their daughter Joanne in the Philippines. And 14 years later they became spouses. Tyrel sent toys overseas, a few small things and his photo. It was a charitable donation. Joanne was very grateful to him. She even sent him a thank you letter in response, but it never arrived.

The girl continued to think about the benefactor even at an older age. She found the boy on social media. After sending a friend request on Facebook, Joanne did not immediately receive a response. But Tyrel nevertheless accepted the request of a girl he did not know personally. Young people began to communicate.

Then there was a meeting in reality. Joanne shares that something fluttered in her chest at that moment. A little later, Tyrel and Joanne became very good friends. And then they realized that they had become closer to each other than ordinary friends.
And they linked their fates – they got married.

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