American-style diamond wedding: great-grandchildren arranged a gorgeous photo session for the spouses

For all those 60 years that Ginger was married to George Brown, she never once did a luxurious hairstyle or complex makeup, did not participate in photo shoots. And therefore, she was pretty worried when her granddaughter pulled her to a beauty salon – to prepare for an important date.

Yet, not every couple survives before a diamond wedding, so the heavens themselves ordered the younger members of the family to arrange a holiday for the old people in love!

George and Ginger met in 1969 and have been inseparable ever since. They are one of the oldest married couples in South Carolina. During their lives, the Browns raised four children, received 18 grandchildren from them, and even nurse 19 great-grandchildren! There is something to remember and something to brag about. But there was never a normal photo shoot – it was not up to it in past years.

Granddaughter Abigail, the owner of a photography studio, initiated the idea. Great-grandmother and great-grandfather love each other so much, they themselves don’t really need something bright, which cannot be said about relatives.

Therefore, a dress was made for Ginger, an analogue of a wedding dress, and Andy’s grandson lent his grandfather the best suit – they have the same size. We did not forget about flowers and other attributes. Most worried, of course, were the heroes themselves.

You can see the result yourself – and after 60 years of marriage, they are still needed and important to each other. And as for the secret of such harmony, the Browns answer. Don’t go to bed angry or sad. Be ready to always forgive each other, because it still needs to be done. And keep a sense of humor, it will come in handy

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