An 8-year-old boy climbed Taiwan’s highest mountain. But this is not an extreme hobby, but a feat for the sake of the mother.

Eight-year-old boy Tsuo Ze Gang climbed the highest mountain in Taiwan, but not because he is a staunch extreme sportsman. The kid decided to conquer the heights because of the promise he made to his mother.

When the child was four years old, his mother told him a story about the Jade Mountain, which is located at an altitude of 3952 meters above sea level. The family was so inspired by the grandeur and beauty of the peak that they promised to conquer it together.

A year later, the woman underwent surgery on her leg, and then she and her son failed to realize the idea. Over time, her health deteriorated, and in 2018, Tsuo’s mother passed away, leaving her husband and two sons.

The little boy grieved, but he never forgot his promise to his beloved mother to climb the Jade Mountain. Promises are vows that many people forget easily, but not this little hero.

From August 18 to 20, 2019, the child climbed the highest mountain in Taiwan with his father and eventually climbed up with a portrait of his mother. Tsuo confessed that he had a reason to rise so high.

Yu Shan is the highest point in Taiwan, I’m sure we’ll be closer to mom there.

The hike was not easy, and the boy was accompanied by his father and two close friends. Throughout the journey, he had frequent headaches, was unable to breathe, and experienced nausea most of the time, likely due to altitude sickness.

But the child showed childish perseverance, and he managed to break through and conquer the Jade Mountain. According to the publication, as soon as the boy reached the top, he took out a portrait of his mother from a small backpack and shouted a few words.

Mom, we’ve reached the top! I brought you to the top of the Jade Mountain!

The child fulfilled their dream on the 591st day after the death of the mother, but it is never too late in such situations.

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