An adorable baby interviewed by their father about their night’s sleep, the internet melts over their hilarious response.

One of the most memorable periods of our lives is the birth of a child and the months leading up to it. The overwhelming joy and happiness that come with the realization that you are going to be a parent are unparalleled.

You recall your first doctor’s appointment, the moment of your first ultrasound when you saw your baby’s heart beating for the first time. Nothing can describe the whirlwind of emotions when you realize it’s not a dream, and you’re expecting a child.

The following months seem to drag on; the first three months pass by quickly, and the next five feel never-ending. Suddenly, you find yourself in the last month of pregnancy, and you better start preparing for the arrival of this wonderful little being.

The exact due date will likely come as a complete surprise to most; after all, nature can’t be rushed, right? You try to make the most of your life, even though you could end up in a delivery room at any moment, bringing a new life into the world.

The big day arrives, and you’re anxious, just like any expectant parent. If it’s your first time, you’re not entirely sure what to expect. Should you have paid more attention to childbirth preparation classes? Well, it’s too late now; the moment has come, and you must do your best to face it. The doctor comes in and checks on your condition; at this point, you start sweating as the anticipation of childbirth sets in.

The midwife enters with a big smile and assures you that everything will be fine. It’s easy for her to say, you think; she’s not the one about to give birth. Then the labor begins, and suddenly, your wife is the center of attention!

I know I shouldn’t take this situation lightly; after all, the miracle of birth continues to amaze me every day. The ability of two individuals to create new life is something that should never be taken for granted, as some people will never experience the joy of giving birth and starting a family.

Oliver, the newborn, is introduced in the video below. Oliver is sleeping while his happy father films his every movement with his phone. When you see the expressions on their little faces as they turn in their sleep, you can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking. When Oliver finally wakes up, his father asks him how he slept. His response will make you smile for the rest of the day.

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