An adorable puppy interrupts the live weather report and steals the hearts of millions of people.

What could be better than a live television broadcast to make your voice heard? Well, that’s exactly what this cute little puppy thought when he surprised a weather reporter.

Fox5 journalist Bob Barnard had the sweetest reaction when he realized the true intentions of the puppy, and now they both are going viral.

When Bob Barnard began broadcasting a live weather report from the city of Leesburg, northern Virginia, he had no idea he would become an internet sensation.
However, it wasn’t his reporting on the chilly conditions that made him an online celebrity; it was a random puppy that decided to join him.

Shortly after the live report began, an adorable puppy appeared out of nowhere with only one thing on his mind: having fun. The friendly pup immediately jumped up to lick the journalist’s face and play with him. Even on live television, Bob didn’t miss a beat and started cuddling the little intruder in a heartwarming scene.

“Forget the people we talked to earlier! I want to know this dog,” Bob can be heard saying.

A few moments later, the puppy’s mom came to retrieve her little companion and apologized for the interruption. She explained that her dog, named Pierogi, had jumped over the gate and run straight to Bob.

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