An American adopted a unique girl. After 6 months, the woman crossed the ocean again

Kristen Williams, a 44-year-old teacher from Ohio, USA, has long wanted to adopt a foster child from another country. At first, the woman’s choice fell on Nepal, but due to bureaucratic ups and downs, the future guardian went to India.

She did not even suspect that having arrived there, she would forever change not only her life but also give two unfortunate girls a future.

Kristen met little Munni first. The close and quiet girl has been living in an orphanage for two years. Some potential guardians were frightened off by the character of the baby, others did not like the scar on her forehead that looked like a hoof print. But the American was not afraid of these difficulties!

For two years, the woman dealt with the papers and took Munni with her. But Kristen was not going to be limited to only one baby.

And fate turned out to be very favorable to the teacher because soon she received a call from the orphanage again. This time she was offered to take a little sister for the poor girl!

As soon as she saw the photos of tiny Durga, Munni immediately called the poor fellow sister. Kristen could not hold back her tears. Without her help, a life full of hardships awaited the crippled baby. Other adoptive parents were not eager to take in a child without a nose! As it turned out later, the mother simply threw out the newborn baby.

Insects or wild animals ate the girl’s nose, but the rescuers found the unfortunate woman and transported her to the hospital. Doctors thought that the half-dead girl would not survive, but she went on the mend against all odds. Thanks to the efforts of the foster mother, Munni and Durga had a chance for a normal life.

Surgeons restored the baby’s nose and dealt with a terrible scar on her older sister’s forehead. Today, children are simply unrecognizable! Few people would dare to adopt several children from distant countries at once. However, our heroine successfully coped with the task, and the little ones in return fell in love with her with all their hearts. Kristen is a man with a capital letter!

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