Arriving home, the Parents discovered that their Son had been beaten by Nanny: But the worst thing happened then

A couple from the American city of Sherwood, Joshua Marbury and Alicia Quinney, had to experience the imperfection of the court system in their own skin.

One day they decided to go on a date and left their one-year-old son Jacob in the care of a nanny. Returning home, Joshua and Alicia saw the following picture: little Jacob started crying, while the nanny was simply asleep.

Moreover, the child turned out to be with bruises on his body, and a palm print was clearly visible on his face


Outraged parents called the police and the next day filed an application with the court. Although the case seemed perfectly clear from the outside, the judges found no good reason to punish the nanny.It turns out that according to local laws, in the case of minor injuries, a guilty verdict can only be awarded if the victim testifies. But after all, Jacob is only one year old, and he is not able to tell what really happened.

The indignant mother posted photos of her beaten son on her Facebook page and described in detail what had happened. This entry caused a whole storm of indignation: in just a day, more than 150,000 people reposted it.

Fortunately, the people’s anger had an effect. A group of lawyers began to prepare appropriate amendments to the law, which should change the procedure for the investigation if the case concerns very young children or people with developmental disabilities who cannot clearly describe what happened.

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