At 1 year the boy weighed 24 kilograms: Just look at how he looks now

Jacob Miller has been overweight all his life. Although the boy was born 5 weeks earlier, already in a year his weight reached 24 kilograms. And at the age of 15, he weighed 231 kilograms. Problems with excess weight adversely affected the health of a teenager.

The doctors shrugged.  The problem was most likely a hormonal imbalance. Of course, Jacob often had to be the victim of mocking and ridicule from his peers. The guy for a long time could not get out of depression.

Miller understood that obesity was slowly killing him. The guy decided: this cannot go on, you need to pull yourself together.
With the help of his parents and doctors, Jacob even developed a weight loss plan.

At the age of 15, Jacob suffered from diabetes, and heart disease, the guy also had serious problems with his legs and liver. The doctors decided that gastric bypass surgery was indispensable here.

It is worth noting that, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, Jacob Miller lost about 35 kilograms even before the operation .6 months after the surgery, Jacob lost almost twice his weight.6_resultDefinitely, this guy deserves respect!
Overweight people are divided into two types.

For those who love themselves this way – and the point, and those who understand: something needs to be changed, this cannot continue. This teenager decided once and for all to get rid of excess weight, for which I mentally shake his hand.

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