At 17, this girl is already a mother of seven children with a very strange story⁠⁠

Someone condemned, said that there are means of protection against unwanted pregnancy that should not be neglected. Someone tried to help a mother of many children. In any case, there have never been indifferent people.

However, the girl Pamela Villaruel from the Argentine city of Leones struck everyone. She is only 17 years old, but she has already given birth to seven children: six girls and one boy. The fathers of the children do not participate in the upbringing in any way and do not provide any assistance to Pamela.


As a teenager, at the age of 14, she gave birth to her first child. The relationship between the father of the unborn child and Pamela developed very quickly, however, did not last long, the father ran away, leaving Villaruel with the baby.

After a while, the girl met a young man, from whom two pairs of twins were born to her, one after another. Together with the father of the children, they did not get along, since he began to beat the girl, he thought that she would always be with him. Pamela was not afraid and left him with small children.

The girl did not grieve for a long time, a new guy appeared in her life. They began dating, and she immediately became pregnant, once again with twins. The young man evaporated when he found out about the pregnancy of his beloved. At the moment, Pamela’s parents help in raising their grandchildren. The local authorities gave the mother of many children a house with a land plot.

Pamela works every day to feed her children. She wants her children to need nothing. Some people, having learned the story of a mother of many children, help financially and support morally

But many condemn the girl, they say that you need to think with your head before going to bed with a guy.

Of course, the children of Villaruel are not to blame for anything. The girl’s parents and she herself are trying to make the children’s childhood as good as possible.

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