At 36 years old, she has already given birth to 11 children and has no plans to stop there.They are really amazing

The family of a woman named Courtney and Pastor Chris can hardly be described as ordinary. In thirteen years of marriage, Courtney has given birth to no less than eleven babies, including six boys and five girls. The youngest daughter was born just six months ago. Courtney says she wants to have at least two more children.

The couple’s monthly expenses for basic necessities amount to at least thirteen hundred dollars. Courtney tries to be frugal with family expenses, buying clothes only on sale and avoiding expensive restaurant outings.

The children are homeschooled, and Courtney and Chris have put in a lot of effort to streamline the program. Their babies don’t have to spend much time sitting. To go anywhere together, the family needs to use a fifteen-passenger van.

Courtney’s mother hasn’t supported her daughter’s desire for a large family. She constantly criticizes her, believing Courtney can’t give enough attention to her children. However, Courtney disagrees, stating that she is always with her children, as neither daycare nor school separates them.

The couple has no plans to stop; they wish to have more children.

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