“At one time, I did not rush to take my daughter to the hospital. And now I realized my mistake. Why did this happen?

My husband and I decided to adopt a little girl. The hospital where the child was located was a bit far from my workplace, so I visited the child once a month. I thought that the child at such a young age wouldn’t understand or perceive the presence of another person. However, I soon realized how wrong I was.

The girl we planned to adopt was very fragile. Sometimes, I was even afraid to hold her. She was only 3 months old. At that time, I was preparing the necessary documents to bring the child into our family. I believed that the child was well taken care of by the medical staff. She ate well, and there were no complaints from the doctors about her health.

From my workplace, it took at least an hour to get to the hospital, and the same amount of time to return home. I didn’t feel the need to visit her until she came to our home. It was then that I realized how much we needed each other. The moment I picked her up, I could feel a connection between us. Those little eyes radiated so much joy. However, I had missed this opportunity before.

Three years passed, and we decided to adopt a boy. This time, I visited him every day without fail. He taught me to feel. All it took was for me to enter his ward, and he would start turning and making sounds that resembled crying or whimpering. I initially disregarded this, thinking he was restless. However, after one visit, a nurse confessed that the child remained calm when I wasn’t around. After my departure, he might still cry for half an hour.

I realized that there was a connection between us. The boy sensed my presence and energy. It was apparent that we already had a bond. So now, even after a long day at work, I would rush to him as if on wings. I dream and live for the day when our little Bogdan will be at our home, where I can cherish him endlessly.

When I hold Bogdan in the hospital, I explain to him that he won’t be there for long, that I will definitely bring him into our family, where his sister Vera and dad Vladimir are already waiting for him. He seems to understand me, smiles, and rejoices. And that child’s smile gives me the energy to continue with all the necessary paperwork to have him with us as soon as possible.

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