Baby girl born at 24 weeks with 10% chance of survival is now being called a living medical miracle

A couple’s adorable baby girl, born prematurely and with only an 8-10% chance of survival, has defied the odds against her. Despite her terrifying ordeal, she has become a true warrior, leaving everyone in awe of her incredible energy.

Jasmine Tobias and her husband, Troy Tobias, were a lovely couple based in Norwich, Norfolk, England. In April 2020, their lives changed forever when they found out they were pregnant. Predictably, they were thrilled to embrace parenthood and shower their little one with tender love and care.

Little did they know their parenting journey would be filled with endless twists and turns, surprising them every step of the way. Things took a strange turn when Jasmine and Troy’s little one decided to surprise them with an early arrival.

According to Jasmine, she and her little one were completely healthy and normal, and ultrasounds and test results showed no apparent issues. Although there was no reason why she gave birth early, problems did occur when she went to the bathroom.

So, to regain some semblance of hope and normalcy, Jasmine and Troy leaned on each other for support and took to social media.

Shortly after, Jasmine was taken to a hospital in Norfolk, and on September 25, 2020, just 24 weeks old, little Isla arrived, weighing nearly half a bag of sugar and little more than a box of soup. Because she was born premature, Isla’s weight was only 558 grams.

While reflecting on her baby girl’s dramatic entry into the world, Jasmine said, “Everything was healthy and normal. There were no issues on the scans and no health issues for me either. Isla just decided she was ready to meet the world. »

Tobias received shocking and heartbreaking news ahead of their daughter’s arrival. First, they were given a slim chance that their little one would survive.

Second, Jasmine’s placental placement was such that it had a high probability of rupture, giving her only a 50% chance of survival. In other words, Troy only had a 25% chance of bringing Jasmine or their baby girl home.

Given the gravity of the situation, Troy couldn’t help but be scared and was sick with worry for his wife and their daughter, whom the duo had been waiting for for a long time.

According to Jasmine, she and Troy had yearned to become parents for years and had trouble conceiving. And when it finally happened, they couldn’t rejoice or celebrate because they were about to lose everything before they even had a chance to take it.

Fortunately, Jasmine and Isla survived this terrible ordeal, news that was a breath of fresh air for Troy. But Isla’s journey has been nothing short of a bumpy ride as she had to undergo surgery at just three weeks old. Additionally, she had to spend several weeks in the NICU, recovering and healing, trying to manage as best she could.

Because it happened during the pandemic, social distancing and safety measures prevented the couple’s family and friends from visiting them in hospital. So, to regain some semblance of hope and normalcy, Jasmine and Troy leaned on each other for support and took to social media.

The parents created an Instagram account, where they documented their daughter’s progress and expressed their exhaustion, fear, concern and gratitude. Despite her difficult start, Isla continued to progress, much to the amazement of doctors and medical staff.

The fighter persevered and received the green signal to go home after being in the neonatal intensive care unit for almost five months (140 days). Although Isla was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and had to be monitored around the clock by her medical specialists, her survival story was nothing short of a miracle.

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