Baby girl says her first word at 11 weeks. You have to see her video and you won’t be able to hide your smile

Children acquire new abilities and develop rapidly. At two months old, most of them could only pronounce simple syllables like da-da or ba-ba. But this young child not only shocked their parents but also online viewers. The baby’s name is Ilai. His mother’s joy increased after his birth.

She wanted to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. She sang lullabies, read fairy tales, and chatted with the baby all the time when she was pregnant. Ilai developed quickly after being born at full term. She began singing with her mother when she put her to bed at the age of three weeks. When they read her fairy tales or simply talked, the daughter would respond with cries.

When Ilai started saying her name at three months of age, it was a huge shock to her parents. Ilai chose to start with her name instead of “mom” or “dad,” which are often a child’s first words. The child’s mother initially thought it was accidental or just a coincidence. However, the daughter kept saying her name. It was incredible. The user recorded a video and uploaded it to her Facebook. Users found it hard to believe that this was possible. Many enthusiastic comments were left under the video. All living beings are evolving today due to technological advances.

Perhaps in the future, all children will grow up and speak at an earlier age. Or maybe Ilai is an outlier who possesses a unique skill. She could become a gifted child in the future and make many discoveries. The baby’s future is unknown, but for now, she is just a highly anticipated young girl who delights her parents with her achievements.

The young mother is committed to continuing to post videos showcasing the baby’s new phrases. Due to the rarity of seeing a young child capable of speaking at three months, the child has gained popularity online. Little Ilai is fortunate to have such a dedicated mother who is willing to spend every moment with her.

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