Before and after. What the woman who lost 54 pounds and became model of the year looks like

Bonnie Steiner is a girl with a will who was able to not only lose weight, but also make a career as a model afterwards.

5 years ago, the girl’s weight exceeded 100 kilograms, and now she is a famous athlete, a model with a magnificent figure.

It’s worth saying that Bonnie hasn’t been satiated since childhood, as is usually the case.

She was thin, played sports and led a decent life.

However, everything changed after the first pregnancy.

Then the girl suddenly began to gain weight, and her appetite increased every day. And it wasn’t until the little one was six months old that Steiner woke up and realized it was time to pull herself together.

It was only now that the sudden onset of a second pregnancy prevented weight loss, during which Bonnie began to put on even more weight.

But with the weight gain, Bonnie’s self-esteem plummeted.

Fortunately, after the second birth, the girl could still begin to lose weight, and her progress was very good.

So, in 4 years she lost about 50 kilograms.

Now the girl trains for six days in a row, eats well and lives very richly.


Her main achievement is the Model of the Year award for her incredible transformation and active life position.

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