Before Getting Married, 18-Year-Old Girl Adopted 13 Children, Then Introduceed Them To Their New Dad

Perhaps for every woman, a wedding is one of the most important events in life. We all want our relatives and friends to be present with us on this important day, to be able to share joyful emotions and unforgettable impressions with us.

The wedding of the heroine of this story, Katie Davis, was attended by special guests – her 13 adopted daughters from Uganda.

A few years ago, young Kathy from Nashville, Tennessee had a life any girl could dream of. She won the title of prom queen, drove a yellow convertible, wore designer clothes and dated an attractive young man. Her parents expected her to go to college and get a solid education. But Kathy had other plans.

At the age of 18, the girl expressed a desire to go to Uganda on a charity mission.

Initially, it was assumed that Katie would not spend more than a year in Uganda, but she quickly decided to stay there forever. In 2008, Davis founded the organization Amazima, whose mission is to educate and provide all kinds of assistance to people in need in Uganda.

As a young single woman, Katie was allowed to adopt a child. Over time, Davis adopted 13 daughters. According to the girl, the adopted children helped her learn the most important lesson about love and spiritual harmony.

“There must be a lot of stories about that unique moment when adoptive parents see their child for the first time and realize that he was sent to them from above. I had the chance to experience this. And it seems to me that this feeling is much deeper than love, ”said Katie.

The changes in her worldview helped her find her soul mate. In 2015, Katie married a man named Benji Majors.

The young people met in Uganda when Benji, like Katie, arrived there on a charity mission. On May 6, 2016, the couple had a son, Noah.

“My husband is another manifestation of God’s love for me, another reminder that he is blessing me and each of our daughters. When I hear children excitedly calling Benji ‘dad’, my heart rejoices,” the girl explained.

Most brides invite relatives and friends to their wedding. Katie’s wedding was attended by her 13 adopted daughters, a touching photo with which was a true embodiment of love, devotion and selflessness.

Today, Katy lives in the village of Jinja on the shores of Lake Victoria with her husband Benji and 14 children.

During the day she spends time with them and in the evening she does administrative work in her organization. The girl also wrote the book “Kisses from Katie”, which became a bestseller. With her family, she lives on a modest salary and the income of a book.

Katie’s mother, Mary, comes to visit her every year for a month.

According to the woman, she is happy to be the grandmother of 14 children.

Of course, she wanted her daughter to graduate from college and go to college. But she understands that Katie has found her calling and supports her in any way she can.

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