Birthday present 93-year-old American astronaut Aldrin married for the fourth time

Edrin Aldrin, or commonly known as Buzz, rose to fame in the late 60s. He is one of the first American astronauts to walk on the moon.

Recall that the photo of his sole on the lunar surface has become famous all over the world.

And the jacket in which Buzz went out into outer space was sold at auction last year and became the most expensive lot sold under the hammer.

Now, at the age of 93, the American has proved that age is not a hindrance to love and it can be found at any age.

On January 20, 2023, Aldrin celebrated his birthday, and as a gift, he went down the aisle with his old friend and colleague, Anka Faur.

The 63-year-old doctor and vice president of her current husband’s company, became Buzz’s fourth wife.

On the social network, the ex-astronaut personally shared this happy news, saying that he married his longtime love. The pilot also posted wedding photos from Los Angeles from a private ceremony on the microblog.

Note that the first wife gave him three children, but the marriage broke up after twenty years of marriage. In his second marriage, Buzz lived for 12 years, and with his third wife, his union lasted 23 years, in 2012 he divorced.

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