Brand Gillette criticized for the strange choice of a new model

Gillette is a world-renowned manufacturer of a wide range of shaving, waxing and personal care products. Recently, the brand presented to the general public its new model, which will advertise Gillette products and represent the brand itself. Ii must be said that the choice of the company simply surprised more than once.

To advertise the Gillette Venus women’s razor, American fashion blogger Anna O’Brien (who previously advertised a sports brand), whose weight is about 150 kilograms, was invited. Note that the girl is not at all ashamed of her figure, and moreover, she enjoys her life and appearance, saying in every possible way that she really likes her body.

It was she who interested the representatives of Gillette, who invited Anna for a photo shoot to advertise the Venus line.

Even in this age of lush and positive fashion, the new model of the brand looks very strange. The representatives of the brand themselves justified their choice very simply.

They said that the products of the brand and the famous women’s series “Venus” are used by women with a wide variety of sizes and body types.

With their advertising campaign, the representatives of the company wanted to show that every body is beautiful in its own way, and that every woman deserves the best care for herself, regardless of her weight and figure.

What do you think of this choice of the Gillette brand?

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