Children begged their mother for pocket money and smartphones. And then she came up with a life hack on how to get them a job.

Shaquita Marion McGregor is the mother of three children: Jakeem is 13, Takeya is 10 and Serenity is 6. Shakita’s children grow up without a father, so the mother satisfies all the needs of the children herself.

However, recently she came up with a way, thanks to which it will certainly be possible to teach children the value of money and earn it. On August 13, Shakita posted a post on her Facebook page explaining her idea.

Well, my kids keep begging for phones, pocket money, and trips to interesting places. Yesterday I told them that I heard their requests and I will have a surprise for them today when they return from school. SURPRISE!!! I have opened a job. If you want something, work for it, earn it! And yes, I also started a credit cooperative at home, lol.

The resourceful mom set a date for an interview and opened up three positions at once – a kitchen manager, a head housekeeper, and a laundry inspector.

Shakita also compiled application forms, which were drawn up according to all the canons: there are columns with questions about work experience, about the opportunity to work on weekends, and about the desired salary level.

As the woman noted, they even had to create a credit cooperative called Mom’s Credit Union, which invited children to make deposits that would pay off very well.

Shakita’s post immediately went viral on the social network, collecting more than 120 thousand reposts and 200 thousand likes, so the next entry, where the mother talked about the first business successes of the children, was not long in coming.

I can’t believe my post went viral!
Well, guys, the interviews are over and I’m still laughing!!! I’m going to interview my son again as he laughed 90% of the time.

The ten-year-old daughter sometimes began to speak with an English accent, as if it helped her. And the six-year-old surprised me the most. She was super professional. Just look at the salary they are asking… Oh, and they want their phone bills to go on top of their bills. I told them I’d let them know on Thursday who gets which job, but I see that no one wanted to take over the kitchen. I hate dishes too, that’s why it’s on the desktop! ???

Most of the money was requested by Shakita’s son, Jakeem, who was about to get a job as the head housekeeper: $ 15 a week. At the same time, he positions himself as a hardworking employee who is able to keep an eye on other employees.

The eldest daughter, Takeya, turned out to be the most low-budget. She asked for $20 a month, ready to go to work the next day.

The youngest daughter Serenity, who, like her brother, is applying for the position of a housekeeper, noted that she was ready to leave today while agreeing to ten dollars a week.

Social media users were so impressed with Shaquita’s idea that they asked her to create a separate group about the whole story, and the woman immediately did it, calling This Mom Means Business Inc. (Corporation “This mom means business”). And on the same day, the woman published a letter to her eldest son, in which she refused him a position.

We are sorry to inform you that the position you have applied for is currently full. However, we still have a Kitchen Manager position open and are willing to negotiate a higher salary if you accept.
Should you wish to decline our offer, we understand and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

But Shakita also reported good news: her youngest daughter, Serenity, received the position of head housekeeper.

This Mom Means Business Inc.

I think it’s only fair that Serenity has taken over as head housekeeper. And she gets an extra bonus (lollipop) for being ready to get to work immediately. Congratulations, Serenity! I look forward to working with you lol. (Yes, I even made name tags. And yes, this new recruitment form she has to fill out. I’m meticulous, lol).

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