Choose one candle and discover the current state of your mind!

1. **Black Candle**

We always consider black as a symbol of negativity. But this color can convey much more.
It has the power to invoke the strength of people who have passed away and lost good memories.
So let’s light this candle during the grief that some of you are experiencing now.

2. **Purple Candle**
This color symbolizes energy and inner vibrations.
If you feel uncertain or your self-confidence has dropped to its lowest level, light this candle!
The purple candle can somehow alleviate everything, and finally, a sense of relief will blossom.

3. **White Candle**
The white candle is a symbol of everything pure – it can be our soul, our intentions, and the clarity of our goals.
You might want to light one of these candles when you feel lost and confused, as it can make the process more clear and calming.

4. **Blue Candle**
Blue symbolizes our physical traits and qualities.
This color is perceived as cool and calm and can help improve your mood.
Are you mentally exhausted from everything that’s going on? Light a blue candle; it will create a healing atmosphere.

5. **Green Candle**
This is a color that symbolizes the surroundings and the Earth’s environment. In Indian medicine, it also symbolizes the heart chakra.
Light a green candle if you feel disconnected from the beauty of nature.

6. **Yellow Candle**
Yellow is usually associated with mental processing.
It has the greatest influence on your brain’s signals and is responsible for the quality of your thinking.
Light a yellow candle when you are overwhelmed with information, as it can bring great clarity to your mind.

7. **Red Candle**
In Chinese culture, this color symbolizes everything associated with joy.
It can also have other negative connotations, such as evil and danger, but in essence, it has a very positive atmosphere.
Use it wisely, like you use fire, which can either burn you or warm you.

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