Chris Hemsworth showed a photo of his mom and confused people. They mistook a 60-year-old woman for a younger sister

Thor and The Avengers star Chris Hemsworth shared a photo of his mom in honor of her birthday, but fans doubt it’s his parent. After all, the actor’s mother looks too good for her 60 years, and at the same time, the woman looks suspiciously like her daughter-in-law, Elsa Pataky.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who is known for playing the god of thunder and lightning Thor in the Marvel films Thor and The Avengers, posted on his Instagram a photo from the birthday of his mother Leonie Hemsworth on November 15. In the post, Chris congratulated the birthday girl on her anniversary and showed photos from the holiday.

In the picture, 60-year-old Leonie in a flower wreath stands next to her son Chris and a dog. Happy 60th birthday to the greatest mom on earth I love you, mom.

In the following pictures in the carousel of the actor’s post, the mother and son are already without sunglasses and are photographed closer. So netizens were able to get a better look at Leonie and Chris. Thor fans are in awe of his mom and her looks. They cannot believe that the woman is 60 years old.

Wait, she’s 60?? She looks so damn young!! Looks like your sister. Are you kidding me? She is 60! Can’t be…
She seems like a little sister.

Oh my god. At first, I thought she was your wife. On Twitter, people also can’t believe that Chris Hemsworth’s mom looks so young at 60. Social network users tried to figure out who Leonie still looks like: Chris’s sister or his wife, actress Elsa Pataky.

Chris Hemsworth and his mother. They look like brother and sister. Chris Hemsworth is used to sharing events from the life of his family with fans.

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