Climbers have found a family that has lived far from civilization for 80 years: what happened to them now

Each of us loves the comfort and convenience of city life. Everything is adapted for us and the modern realities of life. We cannot imagine our life without practical gadgets, television and the Internet. However, there are families who have abandoned everything and live far from civilization. The Teshar family decided to go deep into the mountains.

They have lived there for more than 80 years, several generations of this family have changed.And they didn’t meet anyone until some climbers came across their house.It turned out that people gave up worldly life to live in peace.The Teshar have 10 kids.

Five of them left their parents, choosing city life, and five stayed in the mountains. They are engaged in agriculture, cattle grazing.They have no education and they have no money. They rarely go to a nearby village to buy basic necessities, however they pay with the products they grow, meat, milk, wool.

It’s a kind of exchange.The Teshar family has no neighbors nearby and they don’t see people often.Only when they arrive in the village. They spend most of their time at work. Of course, they have no connection with civilization, they don’t know what is going on.But they’re simple, hard-working people, and they don’t care.They are happy and satisfied with their life.

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