Couple opens wedding gift 9 years after marriage – reads note and understands why they made a huge mistake

As young mother Kathy and her husband Brandon sat together on the porch one evening, they began to talk about old memories that led the conversation to the topic of their wedding.

All this led to a discovery that turned the minds of both of them upside down. Katie’s mom shared this story on social media. Here is what she writes:

“We talked about the upcoming wedding we were both invited to. Discussed what would be the perfect gift for newlyweds and reminisced about the gifts we got when we got married (nearly nine years ago). There was a wedding present they forgot to open.

On our wedding day, my husband and I received a white box from Aunt Alison. It was an envelope that said, “Don’t open until you have your first fight!”

Of course, we fought a lot during these nine years. There were even times when we discussed a possible divorce. But we never opened the envelope.

“Same as admitting failure”
We didn’t want to open the envelope because we felt it was like admitting defeat, that we were no longer a family. We left the present lying around as a last resort.
Kathy and Brandon were proud of how long they lived together. Then, out of curiosity, they decided to open the envelope.

There was one letter for Kathy and one letter for Brandon. As soon as they read, they understood why they had made a mistake that they had not realized before. The letters read:

“Katie, get some pizza to go, shrimp or whatever you like. Have a hot bath for the two of you. Love, Aunt Alison.”
“Brandon, go out and buy some flowers and a bottle of wine. Love, Aunt Alison.”

At that time, they both realized that this gift would have taught them to be more tolerant and humble.

“Our marriage was strengthened as we became best friends, partners, and teammates,” Katy later wrote on Facebook.

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