CrossFit mom spends her second pregnancy at the gym

Lauren Ferris, like all future women in labor, is not averse to having a photo session “as a keepsake” of days with a big belly and even higher hopes. But she’s far from girlish sentimentality and rosy nonsense – being a CrossFit enthusiast, she considers it as integral to her life as motherhood. Throughout her first pregnancy, Lauren did not let go of the bar for 4-5 days a week and is not going to make an exception for the second. On the contrary, combining an “interesting position” and thoughtful training is very cool!

Photographer Joan Morrero helped Lauren arrange the coveted photo shoot. She settled on a black and white format, which allows you to focus on important details. The life of the Ferris family is already full of bright, happy moments, they adhere to healthy habits and do not need artificial “positivity” and improvements in being. This means that the pictures will only show the essence: a young mother does crossfit not out of selfish motives, but because keeping fit gives her strength, confidence, optimism and helps to cope with stress, without which no pregnancy goes.

It was important for Lauren to emphasize that she is not alone in CrossFit. Her husband is an athlete and her son, since getting on his feet, has been visiting the gym at least twice a week, although he is only 2 years old. A real sports family that will become even stronger with the birth of a new baby. And this is being laid now, when others twist their fingers at the temple, looking at her stomach and dumbbells in their hands.

Real weights are taboo, as are several exercises that are really contraindicated during pregnancy. It makes no sense to strive for records or fuss for spectacular “mom in the gym” photos. No, Lauren during pregnancy trains for herself and her unborn child, carefully listening to the signals of the body. And while he does not show signs of alarm, she is calm.

An engineer by training, Lauren analyzed how CrossFit helped her prepare for childbirth during her first pregnancy. And the stomach seemed not so heavy, and the muscles remained in good shape, and there were no problems with breathing. Training makes the female body stronger and more resilient, and this is the first thing a future mother needs. So the second pregnancy is already taking place with a clear understanding of why certain exercises are being done.

Yes, of course, there are days when you don’t even want to think about training. But is bearing and raising children an easy job? You need to find willpower, motivation and be able to force yourself to at least cross the threshold of the gym. And then it will be easier – the hands themselves reach for sports equipment and the body wants to start working. And in my head a gracious thought spreads: “I do everything right and it’s wonderful.”

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