Dad danced happily in his daughter’s video and didn’t know she would send it to the teacher. Now everyone appreciates his talent

Young dad-of-three Isaac Jones showed the internet that parents can have fun too. Of course, universal recognition was not part of his plans. He has just spent the evening with his family and had no idea that the next day he would wake up as an Internet star. The thing is, Isaac’s daughter, Delaina, decided to film her work on the craft.

The young dad naively believed his daughter was making videos just for fun, so he began actively dancing in the background to Mark Ronson’s song “Uptown Funk.” A little later, Isaac’s wife, Jennifer Jones, checked her daughter’s school app and saw that Delaina had finally sent the video to her teacher. True, Delaina’s father is a born dancer.

The video begins with Delaina setting up the camera, and asking for the music to be turned on. Delana’s dad thinks his daughter is filming a video for herself, he starts dancing to the music in the background and, admittedly, does it pretty well! Later, the Delane brothers join the dad. Isaac loves dancing so much that he throws his youngest son over his head and kicks him against the ceiling light. But don’t be afraid! The kid is in perfect order and more than ever filled with laughter.

“He’s my father,” Delaina herself so simply and calmly comments on her father’s actions. Delana’s mother posted this video on Facebook after discovering that her daughter had sent it to her teacher. The video has over 16 million views online! Delaina often sends videos to her teacher with various wishes, and sometimes just to chat with him. This video is no exception.

Internet users loved this video. -I’m just crying from laughing! What a wonderful dad! -They often have to have gigs like this because she’s so quiet. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time, thank you! We are sure that this story succeeded in cheering you up!

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