Dad dreamed of a boxer son, but everything did not go according to plan

When Fabian Butler was born, his father Darren fantasized about what the child would grow up to be. Dad dreamed that his son would share his father’s interests – football and boxing. However, when the boy turned eight, he gave up the sport and admitted that he wanted to do something else, and this took his father by surprise.

The boy said that he wanted to wear women’s clothes and make-up. Darren hastened to dissuade his son from this undertaking. The man was immediately worried about what other people would think, but tried not to regard the desire of a small child as a serious hobby.

As a child, I boxed, so I hoped that when he grew up, he would also want to box, ”Darren explained to reporters. – I took him to play football with me, but it was clear that this was not for him. When he began to change into his mother’s clothes, I denied it. I just thought he was that old.

For the first time, the boy tried on women’s clothes when he was only five years old. The boy borrowed dresses, cosmetics and jewelry from his mother Rachel. And soon, when he came home from school, he enthusiastically told his parents how he admired the clothes of his teachers. Fabian also continued to borrow his mother’s outfits to create feminine looks.

When he got older, I started buying him cosmetics myself. This caused a lot of controversy with Darren, but Fabian’s face lights up so much when he puts on makeup, the boy’s mother said.

Darren found it difficult to accept Fabian’s desire to paint and dress up like a girl, which caused more and more arguments in the family. The father did his best to bring the boy back to normal life, enrolling him in various sports sections, but he was more interested in aesthetic circles – drama and gymnastics.

I was worried that he would be bullied at school. I just didn’t like that my son was interested in dressing up as a girl,” says Darren.

At the same time, the mother fully supported her son’s interest, because she saw in him a real talent for reincarnation.

When he was seven, he began to use cosmetics more often, Darren asked him to wash his face all the time, which made Fabian very upset. When he went to take off his makeup, there were a lot of tears – it upset me, because I saw how talented he was. It took Darren a while to get used to the idea that his son wears makeup, says Rachel.

Everything changed dramatically when the boy began to attend a drama club at the age of nine. He was supposed to have his first major performance. He had to perform the number for Ariana Grande’s “God is a Woman” in front of an audience of 200 people. The boy was worried that his father, due to his convictions, would not come to watch the performance, but in vain. Dad was sitting in the hall.

I was very nervous about going there, but when I saw his number, tears came to my eyes,” says Darren.

According to his mother, Fabian burst into tears himself when he saw that his father was in the hall. The boy brilliantly performed his number – he was the best that evening.

As soon as I saw how happy he was on stage, I realized how much it meant to him. I realized that he could not live his life through my eyes. He should live his dream, not mine. It was really hard for me to accept it, but I put up with it because I know this is what he really wants. This is his passion. This is his dream. Who am I to stand in the way of his dreams? the father shared.

In 2020, Fabian is 11 years old and one of the youngest drag queens in the country. This term is close to transvestism with one difference: drag queens, wearing clothes of the opposite sex, usually exaggerate some characteristics and look grotesque. All for the sake of performing on stage and entertaining the audience.

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