Dad is raising a 9-year-old daughter, managing to sew outfits for her that the whole school is jealous of

The current epidemiological situation with many specialists has played a cruel joke. But for Michael Garden, a recent commercial director, the pandemic has become an occasion to unleash his creative potential. Michael is a single father raising his daughter Ava. The reduction in work not only forced the man to save on expenses, but also served to bring him closer to his daughter.

Michael decided to devote more time to Ava, and in order to save money, he also made clothes for her. In the end, Garden’s venture proved to be very successful. In a few months, Michael has sewn a huge number of things for his 9-year-old baby. The girl was delighted with the outfits, especially the bright dresses. At school, Ava received a lot of compliments from classmates and constantly received questions about where they buy her new clothes. And when the girl’s friends found out that this was the work of her father, admiration increased. Ava shared that she feels unique and the happiest.

A new hobby brings pleasure to Michael himself. Now they spend more time together. In addition, dad undertook to teach little Ava how to sew. The girl successfully learns a new occupation. Father and daughter decided to share their work on a common Instagram blog.

As a result, new outfits are now replenishing Michael’s wardrobe. Together with their daughter, they sew paired clothes, in which they effectively stand out on the streets of the city. Michael himself hopes to inspire other fathers by his example. Garden is glad that he realized in time the importance of his participation in the upbringing of his daughter and wishes the same to all fathers who prioritize their careers.

The man admits that his dad did not pay enough attention to him in childhood, did not rejoice at his success, and as a result, this gave rise to complexes in Michael. Garden does not want this to happen again with his daughter, and now he is trying in every possible way to protect Ava from such an experience.

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