“Doctors informed Alli that her son was born with a serious illness. Her husband left her, and her relatives turned away from her. But it seemed that the doctors were mistaken, and the child was born perfectly healthy. Her husband came to see the child, but…”

As Alla boarded the train, she began to reflect on her life this year. Tears welled up in her eyes; she couldn’t hold them back. Not long ago, everything was wonderful. She was dating, and they decided to get married.

They wanted to start a family and live in their own house. Her mother-in-law adored her, and her grandmother expressed joy for her grandson. They had a small wedding celebration with close relatives. They were renting a place and planning to apply for a mortgage in a few years. Pasha was thrilled when he found out Alla was. At first, Alla felt fantastic, and the ultrasound showed that they were expecting a boy.

However, during a subsequent examination, doctors found some heart problems with the baby. Before it was too late, they suggested induced labor, but Alla didn’t want to consider it. She confessed her fears to her husband, and he said, “I don’t want a son-in-law.” Alla didn’t change her mind. Her husband immediately moved in with his mother. But Alla hoped he would change his mind and come back. Instead, her mother-in-law came to visit. “Don’t ruin my son’s life, please! You’ll raise your son on your own!” Alla knew she couldn’t expect any help from her husband’s family. Her own grandmother was her only hope. She decided to return to the city where her grandmother lived.

Despite having 30 minutes left to reach the city, Alla felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She was going into labor. She had to rush to the maternity hospital. When her son was taken for examination, Alla cried. In the morning, a cardiologist visited her and assured her that her son was perfectly healthy. The doctors had made a mistake. “Are you telling me the truth?” she asked. “Yes! We will continue to monitor him.” “Thank you, doctor,

” Alla said gratefully. She immediately called her grandmother with the wonderful news. After being discharged, she returned to her hometown with her daughter. Pasha and his mother came to ask for forgiveness. Alla only allowed her ex-husband periodic visits with their son.

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