Due to the extra weight, the schoolgirl could not choose a dress for herself. But at graduation everyone

Caitlin Smith from the American city of Portland has always been the object of ridicule for her peers because she was overweight. The nicknames “fat woman” and “fat cow” are perhaps the most harmless words that she had ever heard in her address.

When Caitlin was in high school, the scales below her showed a mark of 190 kilograms. And this despite the fact that the height of the girl was only 165 centimeters. The closer to the end of school, the more Caitlin got from wits.

The jokes were especially offensive that she would not be able to find a prom dress for herself because such sizes simply do not exist. A little over a year before the prom, the girl realized that she could not continue to live like this.

She gathered her will into a fist and began to intensively lose weight. Parents hired a personal fitness trainer for Caitlin, who developed a special set of exercises for weight loss and made up the necessary diet. The girl worked out 6 times a week in the sweat of her face and it paid off. For 15 months, she managed to lose more than 90 kilograms.

After such an intense weight loss, the girl still had to remove excess skin, but this did not bother her at all.

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