During the birth photo shoot, the mother realized that her daughter was unique

Amber Rojas already has four children, daughter Amadeus became the fifth child. The last pregnancy proceeded as usual, so the mother of many children decided to give birth in the house, and the whole process of childbirth was filmed by an invited photographer. When her daughter was born, Amber pricked her eyes, and for good reason. The baby was born with Down syndrome.
Rojas said that the pregnancy was easy, but an incomprehensible feeling of anxiety did not leave her all the time, the woman seemed to know that something was wrong with the baby.

She was observed in the clinic and the doctors warned the mother of many children that the child could be born with a congenital heart disease or Down syndrome. At the 20th week, Amber Rojas did an ultrasound, which confirmed the assumption of specialists who monitored the course of her pregnancy.

However, they reassured the mother of many children, saying that there is a possibility that the baby will be born a completely healthy child. With this thought, Amber went home and continued to prepare for the upcoming replenishment in the family.

When “Day X” came, the mother of many children was confident in her abilities and hoped that everything would go well. To capture the process of the birth of a child, the woman invited a photographer who specializes in birth photo shoots. The shooting was conducted by a specialist from the Birth Unscripted team.

The baby was born in September 2017. The birth was easy. When Amber took her daughter in her arms and brought it to her face, the woman saw that the baby’s eyes were not positioned like all her children. Then Rojas began to worry that the doctors’ assumptions might turn out to be true.

When the obstetrician-gynecologist examined the newborn, she diagnosed – Down syndrome. The baby was taken to the hospital for examination, where doctors discovered a congenital heart disease. Amadeus needed urgent surgery.

The girl had surgery and she is on the mend. Parents said that the whole family treats Ami like a normal child. They try not to focus on its “features”.

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