Dying lioness had little chance to survive until she found her love

A lioness named Sheila was in a deplorable state and was literally dying when she was rescued from the hands of a man who rented her out for
photography and parties. For two weeks, the founder of the rescue organization, Vicki, fed the lioness balls of minced meat, which she pushed down her throat.

After some time, Sheila began to recover and the volunteers decided to introduce her to Kan, a rescued lion living in a nearby enclosure. It was love
at first sight.

Noticing that the lions do not show aggression towards each other, but, on the contrary, are very happy to meet, the employees of the organization began to allow them to meet regularly.

Soon the lions’ visits became daily and the volunteers no longer had to supervise them. After three months of regular meetings, Kan and Sheila began to live together in the same enclosure. But before that, the lioness was sterilized. Since then, the two have been inseparable.

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