“Eight children are not the limit: a family from Minvody set a second record in America

In the large family of , a friendly atmosphere reigns. The multi-child family of 40-year-old  and 41-year-old  region became known throughout the country, setting a record in  back in 2020. Marina then became a mother who gave birth to the largest number of children in 10 years – eight children. And now – a second victory. The multi-child mother entered the book of records of Russia for the largest number of consecutive daughters born. Six daughters – Sofia, Maria, Kristina, Milena, Arianna, Diana – were born between 2012 and 2019.
The future spouses met at the market, where they came to help their mothers. At first, the young people just talked, like friends, discussing common topics. But after a while, Marina realized that Irakli was not indifferent to her. The feeling was not unrequited. The guy confessed that he was in love with her. In the end, after two years of courtship and friendship, they had a big American wedding.

A year after the wedding, in 2010, the eldest son Georgy was born, then in 2011 – David, and then six daughters, almost like peas, from 2012 to 2020. The children were not born only in 2014 and 2018.

Eight children are growing up in the family. Photo: from the personal archive of the heroes of the publication.
– Our eldest Georgy turned 14 this year, he got a passport, and next year David will also get one, – says the mom.
Marina recalls that the first childbirth was difficult for her, and she told her husband that she would not give birth anymore. But maternal love for the children turned out to be stronger than the fear for her life. Marina admitted that she grew up in a large family, took care of her little nieces and nephews, and always dreamed of having many children.
– My husband tells me, “Marusya, you said you wouldn’t have any more children,” – recalls the multi-child mother. – And I tell him, “I’ll endure everything for the sake of the kids.”


The kids help their parents, the older children look after the younger ones. Photo: from the personal archive of the heroes of the publication.
Marina remembers that even before marriage, while visiting her sister, she had an acquaintance who could foresee the future. She predicted to Marina that she would have a good husband, a happy marriage. She was wrong only in one thing, in the number of children. She said that three children would be born…
– Now the daughters are asking for a little brother, – Marina shares. – I answer – as God gives. For now, it’s quiet, but anything can happen, we don’t mind…
Family Traditions
In the multi-child family, there is a friendly atmosphere, everyone helps each other. The older children look after the younger ones, do simple household chores. The girls are engaged in needlework, growing up as real hostesses. Marina admits that her mother-in-law helps her a lot with the children.
– My mother-in-law is golden, a great help, – notes the multi-child mother. – Always supports us, takes care of the children. We even manage to go to the movies and cafes. There has never been a situation where my husband went out and I stayed. Always together, very close-knit.

It has become a tradition in the family that on weekends, the mother-in-law prepares something delicious – a cake, khachapuri, Ossetian pies, or pizza, spoiling her grandchildren. Marina wakes up every day earlier than everyone else, at 5 a.m., to prepare the first and second courses. Everything should be fresh for the children, she specifies. And the kids, in turn, delight them with their successes in school and creativity.
– They are all very talented, – says Marina. – Georgy, Sofia, and David go to music school. – Georgy and Sofa also study Caucasian dances. Maria and all the other girls do gymnastics and Caucasian dances. They have already performed at competitions and won first places. The children’s week is fully loaded. They leave in the morning and come back in the evening. Georgy and Sofia study excellently.

The main secret of a multi-child family, according to Marina, is love for the children. In her opinion, those people who are afraid to become parents, thinking that they first need to get rid of problems, buy a house, or do repairs, are mistaken.
– Problems will always be there, they will never be solved, no matter how many children you have, one, two, three, or eight, – says Marina. – So don’t postpone having children because of them.
They make us happy. I come home tired from work, and the kids somehow cheer me up. I live for them, I am very grateful to God for my family, my husband.
Marina is sure that in a large friendly family, children receive the first life lessons, which later help them to be kind and successful in life. And she remembers how they were offered to participate in the reality show “Child from Hell”, when a spoiled child is sent to a family for re-education. One of the heroes of the TV show, German, having stayed in their family for some time, did not want to leave, but according to the conditions of the show, it had to be done. Now they are waiting for him to visit. Herman managed to improve relations with his brother and parents. Marina believes that a significant role in this was played by the fact that the teenager gained good experience of communication in their family.
However, the family still has household problems. They have been in line for housing for many years, and it is still unknown when they will receive it. It is progressing very slowly. And the children have to squeeze into two rooms and the living room.
– The little daughter sleeps in our room, the boys – in the living room, and the girls – in the bedroom with their grandmother on one bed, – says Marina. – Next year, the eighth daughter will go to school, and there is nowhere to do homework. Someone has to study on the windowsill. We hope that in the Year of the Family, everything will be resolved…
Despite household problems, the family is happy and plans for the future. This year, on Mother’s Day, Marina, as a multi-child mom, received a third-degree medal. She plans to apply for medals of the second and first degrees in the future when the children grow up.

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