Eight years ago, the internet shocked this girl born without a nose. Look at how she is living now.

Like all children, Tessa loves to dance, joke, play games, walk outdoors, ride bikes, etc. She’s an ordinary girl, except for the fact that she was born with a rare anomaly—Tessa doesn’t have a nose.

This condition is quite uncommon, with approximately 100 people of this type in the world. Although Tessa can’t smell, she knows how to cough and sneeze. Her parents were initially shocked by her condition, but they soon got used to it and didn’t see any difference between her and other children.

Before the baby was born, the couple discovered through an ultrasound that she had this defect. They were offered the option to terminate the pregnancy, but they refused. Tessa may be different, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less than others

. Lacking a nose is not the only challenge for Tessa; she was born with an unhealthy heart condition and eye disease. Numerous tests are expected for Tessa’s future, and as she grows, she may require a prosthetic nose.

Despite it all, Tessa never gives up. She’s growing up as a cheerful, curious, and very sociable girl. Her parents reassure her that she is the most ordinary child, and her older sister and brother also don’t allow Tessa to despair.

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