Eternal student: 87-year-old grandmother received a second master’s degree

A native of Sri Lanka, Varata Shanmuganathana loved to study since childhood, so when at the age of 85 she decided to go to the magistracy for the second time, her family was not at all surprised. Recently, after two years of study, a woman officially received a master’s degree in political science from the University of York in England. “It was my lifelong dream to achieve something in the field of political science.

It was an incredible academic journey and I enjoyed it, but now I have reached my destination,” says Warata Shanmuganathana. Returning to studies at an advanced age may seem daunting to many, but for the Waratah it was exciting. According to her, being on campus was like going to the temple, and she really enjoyed communicating with classmates who treated her like a grandmother, writes Inspiremore.

When the pandemic hit, Warata, like the rest of the students, had to study remotely. The first three months of such study were difficult, but in the end she settled in and even defended her dissertation via Zoom. “I advise the younger generation to get an education not only for the sake of a career.

It should be something that will change your life and the lives of other people, ”advises the woman. In the near future, Warata will start writing a book about post-war Sri Lanka. The book is based on the research she did during her graduate studies.

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