Every day she passed by a homeless man who was constantly writing something. His story is amazing

For 35 years, an elderly homeless man wrote poetry and stories, literally in the backyard of life. Every day Raimundo Arruda Sobrino sat under his makeshift canopy and wrote, wrote, wrote. He dreamed that one day would come when his stories, his words, and his thoughts would be printed and read by someone else.

But in 2011, his life changed after Raimundo befriended a woman named Shalla. She could not fail to notice that the tramp did not let go of his pencil and pen for a minute, scribbling on small pieces of paper. And somehow he gave her one of his poems.

The old man’s creation sunk into the woman’s soul, and she created a page on Facebook, where she shared his works with the world. Neither Shalla nor Raimundo even suspected what it would lead to in the end. A real flurry of admiration and support hit the old man’s head.

The locals sought him out, bringing him many gifts and giving him so many compliments that he could not help but be touched. But the most magical thing happened later – Raimundo was found through social networks by his brother, with whom they had long separated and had no information about each other.

This brother took the man to him. When for the first time in 35 years he washed himself and put himself in order, it turned out that under the guise of a tramp, a sweet and very handsome elderly man had been hiding all these years. Now he has a home and has the love of close people and fans of his work.

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