Every day, this man walked 34 km to work and back. But one day his diligence was rewarded

Ten years ago in 1988, Detroit resident James Robertson’s car broke down. The man earns $10.55 an hour and can’t afford to buy a new car.

Therefore, without much hesitation, he decided that he would walk to work. At the same time, he was not at all embarrassed by the fact that this path is rather big and is 34 km there and back by bus.

Evan Leedy – A 19-year-old student read about a man and was shocked at what he had to do. He was overwhelmed with the intention to somehow help, so he founded a fund to raise funds for a car for Robertson. The young man says that he is struck by the calm and confident behavior of a man who does not complain about his fate and walks a huge distance every day without much thought.

This story resonated with people, and over $149,000 was donated to the fund. At the same time, one car company promised to donate a car to James Robertson. According to Evan Lidy, they want to use the money raised to buy a man a house near his work.

Robertson was shocked when he found out about this, but he did not refuse the gift, as long walks and lack of sleep pretty exhausted him.

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