Family adopted a boy but it turned out he had a sister too: Look what happened to them later

Allison and Josh Lewis were like any other happy couple. They met at Samford University while attending the same Bible study class. After getting married in 2000, they returned to Alabama.

They planned their future and when they talked about children, they did not assume that they would have more than three children. Two or three is optimal. But what does it say? If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

Their plan was already carried out, they had three children: Abby, Jack and Isabelle. It was then that they felt the strength and desire to adopt a child. In 2011, they adopted Mika from Ethiopia, and shortly after that… Julia was born to them.

So, the plan is overfulfilled, you say. But the family felt even more strength to love all their children. And strangers too. They wanted to become a choice for women who are at a crossroads: to give birth or to have an abortion. So they filed for another adoption.

On October 30, Allison’s birthday, the phone rang. It was their lawyer who called with the good news: there is an adoptable baby in North Carolina. The parents did not know the sex of the child, so on the way to get a new family member, they came up with names. Sam is for a boy, Eve is for a girl.

On the way, a lawyer suddenly called and asked Allison who was driving. After making sure that her husband was driving, the lawyer explained that they would return home with twins – a girl and a boy. The parents’ jaws dropped.

“But that’s not all,” she added, “the girl, the second of twins, was born with hydrocephalus – serious brain damage, the doctors did not know at all that she would survive, and now they do not give any hope for her life. In general, they do not know how much she has left … Therefore, we will understand if you refuse.

But Allison and Josh were on their way. And not only in the material sense. “She is our daughter,” they answered confidently. Unfortunately, Eva had to stay in the hospital for some time because the transportation was dangerous for her, but all the family members were waiting for her to join them.

The director of the hospital heard the story of Eva and arranged for a special vehicle to transport her safely to her new home. Her brother missed her more than anyone else. For half a year, this little girl enjoyed life in a loving family … Unfortunately, she soon died. Allison and Josh pray for their Eve and say that it was a very rewarding and sad experience that taught them a lot, including suffering.

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