Famous quadruplets are almost 7 years old: see how the princesses look today

7 years ago, in 2014, American Kimberly Fugat and her husband Craig were delighted with shocking news – triplets will appear in their family. At that time, they were very excited, because the woman was already forty-three years old. The couple already had a thirteen-year-old daughter, who was born almost immediately after the wedding, and they no longer planned a pregnancy.

Indeed, at this age, it is already quite difficult to bear children, not to mention the fact that you will need to constantly wake up to them in the middle of the night. And if the child is not alone – triple care. Pregnancy and childbirth Nevertheless, the couple accepted this news and began to prepare for childbirth.

Multiple pregnancies usually do not go well. You constantly need to monitor the condition of the mother and all children, listen to the hearts and observe bed rest for long periods. And if there is also monochorionic monoamniotic multiple pregnancies, as in this case, then the difficulties increase even more.

At the time of childbirth, when three babies had already been born, and the doctor, with surprise and surprise for everyone, said that he saw a couple more feet, Kimberly was shocked. All I could say was “No”.

Quadruples were born – girls similar to each other, like four drops of water. But since they were born in the seventh month of pregnancy and they had problems with breathing and weight loss, they were immediately transferred to intensive care for premature babies. A lot of effort, money for medicines, time and parental patience were spent. Not in vain. The current time Now the girls are seven years old.

Their names begin with “K”, most likely as a sign that they are one: Kenley Rose, Kaylee Pearl, Kristen Sue and Kelsey Roxanne. In the photo on social networks, their family looks joyful and happy. And there is. However, the family is experiencing difficulties related to the health of the babies. All the girls are very smart, they graduated from the preparatory class K-5 in kindergarten, they graduated with good grades.

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