For the young child, the dog seems to play the role of a babysitter. It rarely leaves the infant’s side.

Acquiring a dog means they join our family. These creatures don’t just attach themselves to their owners; they genuinely care about us. A deep bond also forms between a dog and a child. Drags, a four-legged companion of the Lendell family, was already a resident when the baby was born.
The dog was curious about the baby, initially standing there and observing. Drags eventually understood that the child was a new part of the family, and he befriended him. The Cane Corso breed is extremely affectionate despite its massive size. Drags not only constantly accompanied the child but also assisted the new mother in every way.

The puppy took care of the child and even showed him how to roll over and crawl. It’s challenging to raise a dog and a child in the same family. You can be sure that a child and a Cane Corso puppy will have a close bond in the future if you expose the puppies to each other as young ones. The Cane Corso will be an affectionate and sociable companion who appreciates care and can be patient with children if raised from an early age in the family with proper training and frequent interaction. It’s important to note that dogs of this breed are sensible protectors and trustworthy.

The Cane Corso loves to play and run, which, especially if there are children in the household, is particularly welcome. The behavior of these four-legged companions is one of activity and mobility. The main virtues of the Cane Corso include loyalty to the family, a special love for its owner, and exceptional guarding abilities. There are many examples of a four-legged companion tenderly caring for a child. Some dogs watch over children while they sleep and alert their owners when the child stirs. This response indicates that the dog sees the child as the youngest family member and recognizes the need to guard and care for them.
Almost all dog breeds have similar attitudes toward children. According to owners’ reports, the described dog gets along well with children of all ages. Of course, getting to know the child and the dog will be much simpler, ensuring their friendship in the future. But Cane Corso owners claim it can interact with a child of any age. The most important thing is to properly care for the dog’s education.

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