“Get ready quickly, we’re going to the hospital.” This story will leave no one indifferent.

Anna Sergeyevna was confused; she didn’t understand what the doctors were saying. She felt unwell in the morning, her stomach was trembling. Distressed, she realized she couldn’t make it to the clinic alone, so she decided to call an ambulance. The doctor listened to the complaints, examined her, and, with a smile, ordered them to prepare quickly to be transported to the hospital.

Anna Sergeyevna was very surprised. The ambulance entered the maternity ward’s courtyard. The receiving doctor examined her and said she needed to quickly get into the delivery room because the baby was already on the way. The woman began to panic.

“How can you make such jokes? What delivery, doctor? I’ve been in menopause for a year now. Help me; I really can’t bear this.”

Now it was the doctor’s turn to be surprised. She didn’t imagine that the expectant mother was unaware of her pregnancy. This, of course, could be explained by her overweight and lack of previous children. But there was no time for clarification; the baby was already born, and there was no time for too much talking.

The astonished woman was taken to the hospital, where a strong boy was born a few minutes later, crying loudly. While the nurses were examining the baby, the nurse said something to the nurse, and Anna Sergeyevna was shocked again. Five minutes later, after her brother, a girl was born.

Throughout this time, Anna Sergeyevna was somewhat stunned, silently following the medical staff’s instructions. The doctors were seriously concerned about her condition because it was a serious matter. Until an hour ago, she had no idea she was pregnant, and now she had become the mother of two children at once.

But their concerns were unfounded. Half an hour after giving birth, the woman asked to see the children when they were brought in. It was full of joy. At that moment, the happy new father was sitting in the waiting room.

It’s not a joke. After twenty-five years of trying in vain to have a child, when you’ve already accepted the idea, suddenly, you have a boy and a girl at the same time.

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