Girl Was Going To Best Friend’s Wedding As A Bridesmaid, But Turned Down At The Last Moment: See What Happened

Lauren had planned on having a good time. But already when preparing for the event, she suddenly realized that she was constantly spending money on the needs of her friend.

The day before, she completely refused to go to the party. And Lauren can be understood: her friend demanded that she also pay the entrance.

Traditionally, the bridesmaid in North America bears a token portion of the expenses. Buy a small bracelet for the bride or pay a bar for a few friends. In this way, respect and love are simply demonstrated.

But in the situation with Lauren, everything was completely different.

The bride turned out to be a real manipulator. Lauren herself did not notice how she paid for the dress and accessories, participated in the design of the festive tables, fully paid for makeup and hair.

The day before the wedding, Lauren calculated the expenses and was very upset. In total, she spent about $4,000. And it wasn’t even his wedding!

About an hour later, the bride herself came to visit and said that her family had decided to take some money to participate in the event. Lauren should also pay.

It was already the last straw. At that very moment, Lauren decided not only not to come to the wedding, but also to completely stop communicating with her.

It’s funny that the bride herself does not understand how she offended her. The level of empathy in people can be extremely low.

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