Giving birth to twins twice in 5 years: How is this possible

Twin sisters gave birth to two sets of twins. Now, 36-year-old Utah residents Carrie Bunker and Kelly Wall share nine children under the age of five. According to FoxNews, Carrie and Kelly are identical twins, they have been very close all their lives and do everything together. Even their husbands are best friends. Families live on the same street and constantly communicate.

“We talk to each other 50 times a day, but we can still call in the evening and say good night,” says Carrie. Maybe that’s why the sisters almost simultaneously got two pairs of twins. The Walls were the first – thanks to the IVF procedure, they became parents in October 2010. The Bunkers followed suit, having twins 11 months later. Soon they had another daughter, conceived naturally.

The Walls continued with IVF, and last June doctors told Kelly that she was expecting twins again. Just a few days later, the same news was reported to Carrie, who unexpectedly became pregnant again without assisted reproductive technologies.

The sisters gave birth to two pairs of babies with an interval of three weeks. Now the Bunkers are building a house next to the Walls’ so that all nine children – three boys and six girls – will grow up together.

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