“Good match for your daughter!” — says a friend. Yeah, right! He doesn’t study, he doesn’t work, and he’s also a player.

Recently, I was foolish and told a friend that I was fed up with these lessons. One should only rejoice in children’s small achievements and independence because they quickly throw something like this in your face. The end of the year is approaching, and they’ve picked up two more. After my little complaint, a friend said it wasn’t worth whining. They suggested I should be glad that the kids are trying to achieve something, that they are learning. After all, there are many who spend their days playing games on the computer.

I want to share a story that happened in my life. Before, I often heard jokes about kids being courted while they were still young. I treated it as a funny joke. However, it turned out that it’s not so funny when the kids are over 20 years old.

A friend started showing intrusive interest in my daughter. Every time we met, she asked if my daughter was dating someone. At first, I laughed it off, saying that now that she’s studying, she doesn’t have time for suitors. Then I wondered, “Why is this friend constantly interested?” We talked, and it turned out that her son became a real computer gamer.

He’s not interested in anything, dropped out of school, doesn’t want to work, and plays computer games all day. He even forgets to eat, choosing the monitor over meals. He has become very thin and pale. She hopes that if she finds a decent girl for him, he will forget his games and focus his mind.

Interesting logic! It turns out someone is interested in my daughter as a lifeline that can be used when needed. My emotions and thoughts probably reflected on my face. The acquaintance immediately realized she had revealed too much and started praising her son. Like, he’s good, handsome, tall, used to help with household chores, and well-educated. According to her, he’s a desirable husband if not for the love of computer games.

Why does she think my daughter should save her son? Naturally, I responded with a smile, remembering how well Kostya used to study, played football after school, etc. However, times change. People become different. Now he’s an adult man sitting on his mother’s neck, and she’s looking for ways to save him. My friend chose a rather unique path.

But I just don’t understand why she assumed that my daughter would be interested in her son, that she should save him, force him to change, and spend her life doing all of this? Sure, they know each other, went to school together, were friends, but now each of them has their own life. My daughter is a student. She’s busy studying. There’s simply no free time! Why would she suddenly start saving a former classmate who has chosen his own path?

Eventually, I decided to talk to the friend directly. I said, “I’m sorry, but I raised my daughter not to be a lifesaver.” After that, the friend was offended and stopped calling. Did I do wrong? This is what happened to me. What’s your opinion? What should have been done?

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