Grandma-faced girl had plastic surgery that turned her into a young beauty: Look how she has changed

Xiao Feng is one of the few to suffer from a genetic disease that causes premature aging. The girl is only 15, however, she looks much older. The girl is often confused with the grandmother. By the way, she inherited the disease from her mother, who has the same disease. In her childhood, Xiao Feng did not feel different from others, the concept of beauty was blurred for her.

However, the older the girl got, the more she felt the rejection of society. She was alone, unable to make friends because of her strange appearance. And the girl is very lucky. A fundraiser has started for her to help her become beautiful and transform. However, the money collected was not enough, so the doctors went to meet him and gave a 70% discount.

The money went to Xiao Feng’s plastic surgery and subsequent treatment. Surgeons removed excess skin, tightened it, and changed the shape of the nose, lips, and facial contours. As a result, Xiao Feng has become a real beauty.

The girl is very happy, she believes that her life will change for the better and she will achieve big success. It remains to wish good luck to the girl and hope that everything will be good with her.

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