Grandmother wanted grandchildren so much that she decided to give birth to them herself. And it’s not about treason, but rather – in love

The girl could not get pregnant for a long time, and then her mother came to the rescue. Now the woman is carrying a daughter’s child and her own grandson. It looks like Santa Barbara, but with one difference – all the characters are happy.

Chicago residents Brianna and Aaron Lockwood got married in 2016 and immediately after the wedding tried to conceive. Such a rush was partly due to the fact that the girl’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, and the couple really wanted the man to see his grandson.

However, getting pregnant proved to be a rather difficult task for the Lockwoods, although both thought that they would be able to conceive a child quite quickly.

You spend your whole life trying to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, and then when you stop doing it, the pregnancy does not occur immediately, Brianna said.

Soon, unsuccessful attempts became a real problem for the newlyweds. Then the Lockwoods turned to Dr. Brian Coplan, an endocrinologist at the Illinois Fertility Center, for help. Fortunately, he did not tell the girl that she was a man. The doctor suggested that the couple start infertility treatment, which after some time gave results, but not for long.

Brianna had two miscarriages, as a result of which she developed Asherman’s syndrome – there was a fusion of the walls of the uterus, leading to its deformation. But the girl was not going to give up, and perseverance, according to Brianna, helped her not to lose hope and cope with despair.

After that, the doctor offered the young family surrogate motherhood, but the price turned out to be unbearable for them – 100 thousand dollars. When despair began to slowly break their spirit of Brianna, her mother, 51-year-old Julie Lovin, stepped in.

The woman also wanted her daughter to succeed, and she herself wanted to babysit her grandson, so she offered herself as a surrogate mother.

The surprised daughter for some time refused the offer of her mother, but in the end the woman managed to convince her. The Lockwoods then went to Dr. Coplan’s appointment with Lovin to talk about their decision.

Like Brianna, the doctor was very skeptical about the whole idea, although for her age Julie was quite a healthy and athletic woman. After Brianna’s mother passed all the necessary tests, the doctor finally gave the green light, and now Julie is carrying her biological grandson.

Obviously, this is a very unique scenario that was realized after very thorough individual medical, psychological and ethical research, Dr. Kaplan explained. “Family dynamics, unconditional support and sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit have humiliated me as a doctor.

Lovin herself said that she could not do otherwise, and her act is simply a confirmation of motherly love.

No doubt, no regrets, I would do it. I love her so much that I just wanted to help her,” she said.

This is the second pregnancy for the woman, which, according to her, is quite easy, if a bit exhausting. Nevertheless, she is happy and looking forward to the birth of her granddaughter, whose gender the family managed to find out about recently.

The joyful event prompted the family to share their unique story with the world, so they created an Instagram account. Through her profile, Brianna informs subscribers about resources to contact with questions about infertility, its treatment and mental health.

What’s more, the profile is like a diary of important events from this period, which the Lockwoods will one day be able to share with their daughter, whose birth is scheduled for November 12th.

She will be surrounded by love,” Brianna concluded.

Such a connection and love of mother and daughter can only be envied

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