Grandmother who conquered time: Vera Wang at 73 showed a figure in a swimsuit

The wedding dress designer spent the New Year in a swimsuit by the pool.

Chinese Vera Wang is at the height of her fame for her designs of wedding dresses that haunt any bride. Every young girl walking down the aisle dreams of her outfit.

Wong conquered the design world with her fashionable creations, but she always remembered her appearance. Since childhood, the woman grew up in a family where money was not a problem, but her upbringing remained strict.

Therefore, Vera knows that without effort it is impossible to achieve something, this even applies to her appearance. To look decent, the designer worked for many years.

The 73-year-old fashionista has two children born after her 40th birthday. Despite this, Vonk looks amazing, even young models envy her unsurpassed appearance. The figure of the designer is amazing, the skin is delicate, and it does not at all look like the woman has entered her eighth decade. She seems to know the secret of eternal youth.

Vera has a lot of haters who are trying to push her off the peak of fame, but she does not succumb to provocations and stays afloat, despite everything demonstrating her gorgeous figure at such a respectable age.

On January 1, Wong posted a photo on Instagram, where she was in a shining white swimsuit, stylish glasses and fashionable fluffy boots, showing her beautiful legs by the pool.

It is worth emphasizing the elastic and smooth skin of the star, at the age of 73 it is worthy of respect.

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