Grandpa Stepan followed the noise of children and grandchildren with his wife. And then he came up with a brilliant idea to gather the whole family together again.

Grandpa looked contemplatively at the village road. The neighboring yard was filled with the noise from yesterday’s celebration of the neighbor’s jubilee. Children played, and the youth laughed on the bench.
“Swhere are you?” called his wife. She prepared tea with cherry jam. Sipping tea, they reminisced about the past. Young  helped young during the rain, and that’s how their love blossomed. They missed their grown-up children and grandchildren, who rarely visited them.

When the couple told their children about their plans to renovate the house, Valya, their niece, promised to gather the relatives. In a few days, the house buzzed with activity; every corner was lively. To their surprise, the younger son Vasil came with his family, including a grandson named Stepan after his grandfather.

The joy of the couple was immeasurable. In the following days, other sons arrived with their families. During dinner, emotional thanked everyone.


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